Mobile Game of the Month (MGOTM) – KINGDOM RUSH


Arm your peasants and fire up those mage towers, ‘cos it’s time to defend your kingdom from the forces of the evil sorcerer, Vez’nan.
Kingdom Rush is a gratifyingly fun tower defense game, and was one of the first big one’s on the iStore if I’m not mistaken.

You get the chance to train wizards into ‘gods’, build mortar towers that morph into missile spewing pylons of destruction, and play as a bow and arrow yielding fair maiden, with kick-ass pants.

It’s a simple game, with a simple format; but the possibilities are endless. With demarcated areas to choose from when building your barracks or towers, one wrong positioning and your kingdom can be under grave danger.

It’s all about the placement of your troops. Troops are the only real barrier to stopping the oncoming horde of creatures from breaking your defensive line. But once leveled up, they work in conjunction with your varied high powered munition towers to stop anything in their path.

And the best part? It’s the most awesome soundtrack. Ever.

I’ve been playing this game since 2013. Non-stop. All the add-ons and other related games too.

Check out the awesome trailer for the Android version: